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Managing Director Azmul Haque speaks on the topic: "Doxxing - When Online Vigilantism is a Crime"

Azmul Haque, Managing Director of Collyer Law LLC took the opportunity to speak at a roundtable discussion hosted by Spectrum, on the topic of "Doxxing".

In 2019, 47-year-old creative director Stuart Mills had his photos and work details posted online after a video of him assaulting a security guard went viral. Within hours, his name and personal life were all over social media platforms attracting a large number of angry comments and hate messages. Stuart Mills was punished for the offence and spent time in prison, but was it right (and lawful?) to share his details and publicly shame him online?

In recent years, we have seen an increasing trend of personal information being shared online with the intent to name, shame and harass victims. This practice has been termed “doxxing” and it has now been deemed as a punishable offence under Singapore law. So, what exactly is doxxing and what private information can or cannot be shared online? And how can victims who face harassment due to online vigilantes sharing their personal information seek redress under the new doxxing laws?

Azmul provided an overview of the law regarding doxxing. In this digital age, where social media can make a post, photo or video viral, understanding the nuances of "doxxing" is just what the doctor ordered!


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