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Azmul Haque featured in Asian Legal Business "Singapore: A fertile ground for LegalTech innovation"

Singapore has had a burgeoning reputation in LegalTech for some time now, well before the pandemic struck its shores. Whether it is the government or end-users like law firms and in-house teams, they have taken strides to embrace and launch initiatives to advance the use of LegalTech. The pandemic has unsurprisingly quickened the pace of LegalTech innovation, but there is reason to believe that the technological evolution of the country’s legal sector will continue long after the impact of COVID-19 has passed.



Haque at Collyer Law says that apart from using technology tools to turbo-charge its productivity, service quality, and client reach, the firm has also been working with technology companies like Minutebox to help organize client information and manage corporate administration, and Anduin Issue Tracker to track changes and issues on deal documents amongst multiple users in real-time.

Read the full story here:

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