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Azmul Haque featured on Asia Business Law Journal "Legal begets AI"

By Leo Long for Asia Business Law Journal

Law firms, in-house teams and individual lawyers are all struggling to stay abreast of legal technologies, and while some are faring better than others, the ways in which tech is reshaping traditional practice are beginning to take shape. Leo Long reports on how tech is reshaping the legal industry:


FirstCOUNSEL in Singapore offers similar online on-demand legal support for startups. “Through our platform, which uses a combination of contract automation and omni-channel support, we are connecting customers with a curated group of specialist lawyers who work gig-economy style, on individual projects or longer secondments,” says Azmul Haque, co-founder and CEO of FirstCOUNSEL.

Haque says it has more than 200 active registered users enjoying their document templates and other services, and they have an average of three to five contracts purchased per customer. “Ninety percent of our customers are first-time users of legal-related services and so the growth potential is there,” he says.

Read the full story here:


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