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Collyer Law collaborates with San Francisco-based Anduin Transactions on issue tracking software

SINGAPORE: Anduin Issue Tracker turns scattered issues, positions and documents into meaningful insights that help lawyers run efficient negotiations. Designed for any type of private market transaction, Anduin's Issue Tracking solution helps teams to quickly transform annotations on agreements into issue lists that can be shared with clients, keeping the full deal history in one place. Lawyers can instantly access clients’ past positions, get up to speed on the progress of negotiations, and align distributed teams working on the same deal. Collyer Law LLC has been collaborating with Anduin since March 2019 to customize issue tracking software for the legal market. The online platform could be a game-changer for deal participants, removing the inefficiencies of traditional deal collaboration tools—especially for tracking issues over the course of a deal, collaborating with different teams, better communicating with clients, and organizing knowledge. Collyer Law’s Managing Director Azmul Haque said, “We’ve been collaboratively working with Anduin and already notice that our lawyers are able to better harness their “deal lawyering” skills by becoming more efficient with the time spent on issue-tracking. We’ve seen the potential of the platform to help us build a single database of the key legal issues that are commonly negotiated for all our deals and transactions, as well as communicate better with clients. In the long run, saving document annotations into the Anduin Clause Library will help the Collyer Law team to capitalize on the firm's collective knowledge and leverage the data captured in those negotiations to assess what terms are market in certain jurisdictions or sectors, and to create better legal documentation precedents.”

ABOUT ANDUIN Anduin brings transparency and trust to private market transactions to better understand and execute fair outcomes. Anduin's intuitive user interface saves everybody time and prevents costly mistakes. It has become the trusted source of information about transactions that all parties can understand and rely on. ABOUT COLLYER LAW Collyer Law is a boutique Singapore law firm founded and staffed by experienced "Big Law" lawyers, with a particular focus on representing emerging growth companies and the innovation economy. The firm is best known for its 'idea-to-exit' support for technology companies and venture investors, much like a Silicon Valley law firm, but in Asia. Collyer Law's mission is to offer legal services (and related support services) to clients in the most efficient manner possible consistent with maintaining a traditional attorney-client relationship and delivering high-quality work. For more information visit

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