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We believe that entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who pursue their passion can transform the world we live in.  We provide comprehensive legal advice and transaction support to venture-backed emerging companies in connection with their fundraising, restructuring, governance and investment activities. We also act selectively for certain HNW angel investors and venture capital funds and their portfolio companies located across Singapore, SE Asia and South Asia.


We were one of the first law firms in Singapore to dedicate itself exclusively to provide quality legal representation for founders and executives of emerging companies. We provide practical, tailored solutions to meet clients’ most demanding standards in the venture capital space, including drafting and negotiating complicated contractual rights such as liquidation preference, right of first offers, right of first refusals, veto rights, anti-dilution and other "make good" provisions typically negotiated during investment rounds.


We advise start-ups and young companies beginning their business journey on a range of issues from appropriate Company FormationIntellectual Property and Employment Law, as well as vendor due diligence and compliance audits geared towards receiving successful investments by venture capitalists.  We provide strategic and legal advice to early-stage companies on legal issues, documentation, due diligence procedures, co-founder agreements, shareholder agreements, key employee agreements, employee stock option schemes/ plans and a wide variety of Commercial Contracts.

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