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Our lawyers have a wealth of experience advising technology companies throughout the world, and we understand the challenges that a technology company faces throughout its life-cycle and business growth cycle.   We believe that effective legal representation of a client in a technology transaction requires more than just good legal skills - it requires an understanding of the underlying technology involved and the business models under which such Intellectual Property or technology are exploited.


We understand the business imperatives of businesses using technology and technology providers. We advise on commercial contracts either on behalf of companies in a variety of industries that are significant purchasers of technology products and services, or who actually provide such technology products and services.  In a rapidly evolving marketplace of disruptors jostling with incumbents for market share, the effective deployment of productivity-enhancing technologies can make the difference between success or failure. Our lawyers have experience assisting a wide range of traditional companies in developing, acquiring, and implementing the technological systems on which their businesses increasingly depend to remain profitable.

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