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Every entrepreneurial journey begins with essential legal advice on choice of jurisdiction, type of legal entity and other structuring considerations.  First-time founders may find it unusual that sophisticated legal advice is required at this stage.  Considerations include nature and type of business, whether the business can benefit from a corporate headquarters, principal place of operation of the business, location of initial shareholders and subsequent investors, investor preferences around tax implications upon exit, flexibility of entity form and enabling legislation.  Our experience company formation and corporate services team can assist entrepreneurs in all company formation aspects, from the initial discussion around choice of entity and jurisdiction, through to actual incorporation, reorganising and structuring.  We advise businesses on getting their venture off the ground with a solid legal foundation.  Establishing the right corporate structure can have a huge impact on whether the company can be successful with Corporate Finance, Venture Capital or Joint Venture.


Just like the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – we make sure it’s in the right direction!

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