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Azmul Haque featured in The Edge Singapore

The legal industry is being swept by a wave of digital disruption. Technological advancements are enabling legal firms to be more innovative and efficient in providing legal services to clients.

At the Future Lawyering Conference in July, Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance Indranee Rajah impressed upon lawyers the importance of technology. 'It is those lawyers who are able to innovate and adapt, and adopt technology who will win the future,' she said. 'The penetration of technology into the practice of law is not something on the distant horizon. It is here and it is now.'


Another start-up, FirstCOUNSEL, provides commonly-used legal templates as a 'starting point' for use by entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.

'We are working on some cognitive computing aspects for our platform,' says Azmul Haque, FirstCOUNSEL co-founder and CEO. 'The technology is very nascent and we hope to evolve our platform as technology gets more usable.'”

*Photograph from The Edge Singapore


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