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Similar to the way technology has improved access to banking or the way we connect with family and friends, life science and healthcare companies are not immune to the influence of emerging technologies.  Some of these digital innovations are creating new opportunities leading to breakthrough innovations and are revolutionizing operational efficiency.  Digital innovations, such as mobile health apps now provide users with detailed information about symptoms, provide advice on where to seek medical help, monitor heartbeats, check blood sugar levels and support clinical trials. Real time data gathered from the use of technology coming together with analytical technology advancements is of significance to research for new drugs, efficacy in providing highest value healthcare systems at the lowest cost, and compliance within a highly regulated and constantly evolving business.  Electronic medical records enable health care providers to more effectively manage patient conditions, such as chronic disease, while access to personal health information empowers patients to become a partner in their care.

Over the past decade, new technologies have given rise to new models of digital health companies that are redefining the sector, including through Big Data, software, e-commerce and social media innovation, mobile service and payments. Remote monitoring solutions today allow healthcare, nursing and fitness providers to deliver care at reduced costs and increased productivity. The influx of real time health data available through the myriad platforms that has further helped improve patient outcomes in connection with long-term management of chronic diseases. Supported by new research and real-world experiences, business models are rapidly evolving to support adoption and implementation of personalized digital and connected health at all stages of life.

We act for a spectrum of players in the digital and connected health technology ecosystem, such as innovative pharma and life-sciences companies, MedTech and HealthTech start-ups, device manufacturers, insurers, retail partners, wellness experts, healthcare providers, and other technology players.  Our legal services for this sector ranges from “business-as-usual” legal support such as commercial and distribution agreements, strategic partnerships, intellectual property and data protection, as well as corporate and transactional support, including corporate finance, venture capital financing, share and asset sales & acquisitions.

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