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As digitization continues to revolutionize traditional business models, fundamentally transforming customer interactions and transactions, a well-defined strategy for navigating the digital economy is a necessary part of doing business.  This includes evaluating unique ways to reach consumers, such as through native advertisements, bloggers, vloggers, brand influencers, and online contests – where it’s not always clear what is within the bounds of applicable consumer protection regulations.


Businesses that deal with retail and consumer products have to be very mindful of copycats and counterfeiters, and other threats to the valuable intellectual property that makes their business unique.  Whether you are a traditional retailer, manufacturer, an outsourced service provider, or distributor, understanding the legal issues associated with driving sales and revenue in the innovation economy, is as important as the commercial drivers. 


Our lawyers include former government regulators and in-house counsel and compliance professionals, who have sufficient depth and breadth of expertise to keep you current on laws that apply to the Retail and Consumer Products sector.  We specialize in helping our clients to not only understand the laws that govern their activities but in determining exactly what steps they need to take to ensure compliance, including an evaluation of what business models they can adopt to ensure commercial success.  Our clients include large multi-national retailers as well as entrepreneurs and private individuals who run shops, bars and restaurants, providing industry-focused legal support

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