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The financial services industry is experiencing an unprecedented upheaval, one where technology is able to disrupt the way that financial services business is undertaken around the world.  This has partly been precipitated by the fact the increased complexity of financial products, along with stringent oversight and regulation, are making traditional financial services players unviable.  On the one hand, nimble fintech start-ups are using their market savvy and innovative technologies to threaten the hegemony that banks and financial institutions have enjoyed for scores of years. Not to be outdone, large multibillion-dollar financial services conglomerates and publicly held companies are making strategic investments in fintech companies and developing their own proprietary technology to combat the onslaught.


We believe in the disruptive nature of Fintech and are counsel to some of the most innovative Fintech companies in the Singapore market.  Our first client was a Fintech client and since our earliest days, our legal services for fintech companies covers the entire gamut of business legal services, from company formation and regulatory advice, and product counselling, to venture financing, mergers and acquisitions as well as intellectual property protection, data privacy, employment and disputes advisory. 


Our lawyers have extensive experience working with both established and emerging businesses in virtually all market segments of Fintech, and some of our attorneys have advised clients in this sector for over a decade.  Our Fintech clients are involved with a wide variety of sub-sectors within Fintech, including P2P and online lending platforms, crowdfunding platforms, mobile payments, digital currency, personal finance, robo-advisory, payments technology, remittances, banking infrastructure and Insurtech.

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