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Over the last few decades, digital media has grown rapidly to become a major part of the worldwide media sales for media and content companies, even threatening to up-end traditional media formats. For consumers, a television or radio show, newspaper or magazine is no longer the only source to access entertainment and information, instead digital media can be electronically viewed, saved and disseminated at a faster speed and to a wider audience.


Media in its digital form, whether as e-books, streaming services or video-on-demand, is now integrated in a consumer’s everyday life and even facilitates communication and interaction. Businesses are now exploring more options now than ever before, by using a combination of traditional, digital and interactive media to gain greater reach and appeal to an sophisticated audience with differentiated preferences.


Our team is well-equipped to advise on all manner of legal issues for the digital media sector including on corporate structures for business and monetisation models, content licensing, content liability (for user generated content), as well as regulatory issues around consumer protection and data protection.

Our clients include traditional media companies, entrepreneurs creating sharing-economy models for content creation and dissemination, and “new media” advisors and consultants advising on the unlimited ways digital content is created, delivered, protected and consumed.

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