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The recent spate of technology advancements has revolutionised how business-to-consumer transactions occur and has had a significant impact on the digital commerce market. The Internet and advancements in mobile technology today offers new opportunities for retailers and has altered the way in which consumers and retailers interact. On the consumer side technology enables a seamless digital experience that helps consumers browse, search products, gauge and compare, prices, find exact assortments or alternatives, locate stores and receive promotional offers. 


On the business side, e-commerce businesses and platforms have reaped the benefits from creating stronger and stickier connections with consumers and have built their brands faster than ever before. The proliferation of Big Data through digital touchpoints and its integration with platforms allows innovative online retailers to understand consumers and their preferences and to provide a meaningfully personalised experience for each consumer.


We act for various players in the ecommerce ecosystem including businesses that are B2B, B2C, B2B2C and C2C, and for business models that involve Wholesaling and Warehousing, White-labelling, Manufacturing, or Subscription-based.  We also advice on legal issues and documents for a variety of product models for Ecommerce, such as Single Product, Single Category, Multiple Category, Affiliate and Hybrid. 

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