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Blockchain, as the technology that underlies Bitcoin and other alternative digital currencies has been hailed as potentially revolutionary technology.  Just like the Internet, Blockchain is capable of transforming everything from land registries, shipping, healthcare to international finance. 

Blockchain is based on a digital ledger that keeps real-time chronological and public records about transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The technology removes the need for a third party administrator, such as a bank, to verify transactions and to keep records.  As a peer-to-peer network, with a distributed time-stamping server, blockchain ledgers can be managed autonomously to exchange information between disparate parties. 


We have been involved with advising clients experimenting with blockchain and digital currencies since their advent in Singapore.  Our team includes a former MAS senior lawyer, as well as lawyers well-versed as securities law and well as adequate experience as product counsel.  Our team is able to whiteboard a new product and help provide comprehensive legal advice to launch innovative digital currency.  Our multidisciplinary approach to legal services includes securities law compliance, corporate structuring, transactional support, data protection, intellectual property, and tax.

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