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We provide legal, regulatory and transactional advice to our clients entering into joint venture agreements with business partners across Asia, the United States and Europe.  We work extensively with clients to understand their legal and commercial requirements, we understand the multi-jurisdictional complexities related to cross border transactions involving international parties and provide advice tailored to meet client requirements and create advantageous, synergistic business relationships between our clients and their business partners.


We also advise local and international franchisors, manufacturers, and distributors in the many aspects of franchising and distribution.  Our appreciation that every business is unique allows us to create tailored franchise and distribution arrangements and prepare and assist with contractual documents for set-up, compliance and implementation of international franchises and distributorships. If a dispute arises, our Dispute Resolution team is skilled in effectively and efficiently representing franchise and distribution companies in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution procedures.

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