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The 21st century has been characterised by relentless consumer demand for cutting edge products and low-cost services – leading to a constant battle to offer ‘more for less’.  All traditional businesses must adapt, be adept and adopt technology to survive, and the rapid evolution of technological advances has opened opportunities for convergence and disruptors who threaten incumbents.


We are probably the go-to law-firm in Singapore for innovative technology companies looking for venture financing, or more established companies entering into strategic combinations in the region. We also advice on the most exciting cross-border tech transactions in the Asian market. 


We help our clients spot and pre-empt legal impediments before they arise.  Our market-leading specialists in Asia have dealt with most risks and challenge you face in a rapidly evolving market, from IP infringement and potential anti-trust issues to the more complex issues relating to the advent of transformative technologies – big data, cloud computing, digital health and the internet-of-things.  Our broader experience also ranges from licensing and product liability, employment, and M&A and restructuring.


We’re also helping to be an ecosystem builder for technology innovation in Singapore through our mentorship or talented founders, thought leadership on critical issues that affect the innovation economy, and by engaging closely with the venture capital community.

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