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Malaysia Fintech Industry News - October 2017

MCMC considering the implementation of Digital ID

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is considering the use of a secure Digital ID platform in the public and private sectors. The digital ID can be used for secure transactions such as financial transfers, and in the healthcare industry where data protection is of high priority. The secure ID would authenticate users and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards - winners announced

The winners for the Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards in 2017 are the following startup companies: MyCash Online, ZYQ Engineering, Easy Parcel, Koyara, UMCH Technology, Jirnexu; and Glueck Technologies. Aaron Sarma of Touristly bagged Founder of the Year. These companies are focused in many different sectors such as life sciences, fintech, big data and healthy lifestyle.

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